About Us


Since 1990

Krexdo Fencing was founded by Jason in early 1990’s. Jason was one of the war veteran and decided to settle down in Sacramento. Krexdo fencing was born out of his efforts. We’re one of the oldest fencing company in Sacramento.

project management

Dedicated Project Manager

Krexdo Fencing has a policy of keeping certified Project Manager on staff. This not only keeps our costs low but ensure quality product and service.Our installations are always on schedule and this means our customers are happy with the job.


Highest Quality Of Workmanship

We have expertise in fabricating our own fence sections using only quality raw materials. Our fencing pickets are twice as thick compared to other businesses.

Why choose Krexdo Fencing?

Krexdo Fencing is the best fencing company in Sacramento. We don’t just claim it but have the reputation and credentials to back it up.
We have been family owned and operated for over 30 years with reputation from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Angie’s List.

Check and see for yourself!

We don’t normally advertise as we get most of our business from referrals from our happy customers.
We guarantee our products and labor for one year. So, you don’t have any worries while choosing as your fencing partner.

Address : 221 Lathrop Way, Sacramento, CA, 95815


hOURS : Monday TO Sunday : 8am - 9pm