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Fencing your home is an important aspect of your security. But its tricky to keep your home secured as well as make it look fancy. Very few fencing companies in Sacramento, CA can do the justice to both – security and aesthetic appeal.We’re proud to do that. And, on top of that we are the most affordable among Sacramento fence contractors.

We have the perfect solution for your fencing demands for Sacramento, CA – whether it be fencing installation, repair , pool fencing or any type of custom work for your home or commercial area.

Why choose Krexdo Fencing ?

We’re not another profit making fencing contractors. We’re passionate Sacromentian having interest in growth and prosperity of our City.

We’re proud member of Sacramento Fence Builders Group and play by all the required licenses and certification required to do business in Sacramento.

We’re very much acquainted with the weather conditions in Sacramento. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the fence will last the storm or not? Whether the humidity will be too much for the fence to wither.

We are also extremely affordable and would give you the best quote for you.

What are the different types of Fencing available in the market?


Vinyl – Vinyl fences also known as PVC fencing are durable alternative to wooden fencing. It can imitate the look of classic white picket fences or modern large wooden fences.

Vinyl fences need far less maintenance than iron or wooden frames. They don’t need oiling, painting or cleaning regularly. Moss does not grow on it that easily. They don’t get termites as well.

One of the major downsides of Vinyl fences is that they are more expensive than wooden fences.  Vinyl isn’t very great in extreme weather. It may become brittle after a few years of installation. But we have extremely good quality of Vinyl and PVC materials that last long in the Sacramento weather. 

Wooden – Standard fences are made of wood. They are comparatively affordable than other types of fences and do not take a lot of effort to put up. They look classically beautiful around your house adding to the aesthetics.

Downside of using wooden fences is durability. Wooden fences are very vulnerable against water. It be damaged by mosses, termites and can rot. Wooden Fences needs to be properly maintained for longer use.

Aluminum – Aluminum fences are cheaper than the above fences. They give the same look as wrought iron fence yet more affordable than it.

The major con of Aluminum fences is the price point. It is not considered the safest fencing option either. It does not keep the noise pollution down too.

Wrought Iron – One of the most popular fencing solutions is wrought Iron fencing. They can be very stylish. The wrong iron artists can make really cool shapes with the wrought iron. They greatly enhance the beauty of your house. Wrought iron fences are by far the best for security reasons.

The reason why most people don’t use wrought Iron fence much due to affordability. It is quiet on the expensive side. The cost of shipment can be pretty high too. But we at Krexdo fencing offers you awesome offers on Iron fences from timw to time. That’s why you should subscribe to our Sacramento newsletter. 

Chain LinkChain link fencing works great for rural areas and farm homesteads. These are considered low fences are not that good with regard to security. However, it is cost-effective, easy to install and repair as well.

The fence doesn’t really do much other than boundary demarcation. It does no anything for privacy, noise reduction or aesthetic value. 


What Type Of Fencing Services We Offer?

We provide both commercial and residential fencing services.

  • We specialise in handling large scale production for commercial fencing. We install the best quality fences around in the commercial ground. Our installation are low-maintenance, beautifully decorated and very secure.
  • For residential fencing we install the best aesthetically beautiful fence to enhance the beauty of your house. The fence should make your house look homely.
  • We make sure to finalise your fencing designs. We personalise your fencing to match your personality.Fencing is the first thing people notice about your home and we make it look perfect.
  • Our fencing designs are made to meet specific requirements enhance the beauty of the house and its surroundings.


Do You Need Fencing Repair Service?

We provide Fencing repair service as well.

  • Fences tend to wear down due to weather and other factors. If you don’t want to replace your fence, we can arrange a repair service.
  • We work with every kind of Fence type. Our professionals are experienced in handling every kind of fence, from metal to wood to PVC.
  • If your fence is coming apart and you need to keep it intact, we repair the damaged part, replace old parts.
  • We will make your favourite old Fence into a brand new functioning fence.


Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Fencing Companies?

Reasonable Rates – We only bill for the services we have done and the materials we provided. We don’t have hidden costs or extra charges. Our fences are reasonably priced.

All the costs will be discussed before fence installation.

High Quality Product – We only provide you with a high quality product. Our fences are made by professionals who have been working with for many years. Our satisfied customers have never once complained about the quality of the fences.

In addition to the quality of the product we also provide high quality work. Our fence installation is the quick and durable.

Experienced Professionals – Our workers are experienced in their jobs. They are certified professionals who have been doing this work for very long. They work with utmost dedication without making much noise. They don’t take too long to complete one job but do it properly.

You can talk to us about your vision of the fence and we can discuss about it.


Some Common Questions About Fencing :

1. How is modern fences different from traditional fences?
Old picket fences are still crowd favorite, however, when it comes to practicality they are not very practical.
In the modern age humans are very cautious about their safety and privacy. YOur traditional fencing does not meet those requirements.
Modern fencing not only looks good but is safer and gives more privacy to the homeowner.

2. Do you take care of underground utilities?
Yes, we contact utility department and make sure we are not accidentally destroying any utility lines.

3. Do you need a permit for fencing?
Yes, sometimes. We will let you know if you need a permit. We get the permit for you if needed.

4. Can I place the fence directly on the property line?
We recommend you place slightly inside the property line to avoid any disputes.

5. How tall can my fence be?
Usually, the standard is six feet. However, some places have rules on fence height. We will let you know if that is the case with you.

6. Can I install a fence by myself?
Yes, you can. As long as you buy the self installation fence. Usually the aluminium and iron wrought fences are not possible to install without the proper tools. There are fences that you can install on your own. Let us know what you need and we will provide you with the same.

For enquiry give us a call at (916) 345-1973 or email us at info@krexdofencing.com.



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“Had a wonderful experience with Kredo Fencing. Both the estimator and install team were friendly, communicative, and knowledgeable throughout the process and I certainly appreciate them helping me get a great-looking new fence. The quality of the product is unparalleled and their service was just wow. Would encourage anyone looking at getting fencing quotes to strongly consider this company. A satisfied customer here.”

Yelena Karimova

“Krexdo Fencing Company was recommended to us through a friend. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the service they provided. We recently welcomed a pet to the family so we needed options for the backyard. And we needed it installed quickly. They installed in one day. Beautiful outcome! Friendly folks.”

Peter Hamilton

“This was a repair to an original fence that just happened to be install by Krexdo of course. The repair was excellent as was the speedy service. Just like the original installation I was very pleased with the results. Thanks Krexdo.”

Kimberlee Keller

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