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We at Krexdofencing provide one of the best fencing installation and repair services in Elk Grove, California. We are a well-known fencing company in the Elk Grove area located in Sacramento. 

Elk Grove is a city under Sacramento County. The rough population of Elk Grove 173,702 with total area of 42.24 sq mi. 

Places you can visit in Elk Grove, Sacramento, CA are-

  • Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge 
  • Elk Grove Regional Park
  • Elk Grove Park Pond 
  • Morse Park
  • Bartholomew Park
  • Heringer Estates
  • Derr-Okamoto Park
  • Carlisle Woods Park
  • Kloss Park
  • Elk Grove Creek Trail
  • Stone Lake
  • Shasta Community Park

Some famous restaurants and bars in Elk Grove are

  • BJ’s Restaurant And Bars
  • India Kitchen
  • Romano’s Macaroni
  • Mikuni Japanese Restaurant 
  • Bod’s Club For Drinks And Party
  • Elk Grove Sports Bar & Grill
Fencing Company In Elk Grove

Why is fencing important?

Security – For commercial buildings security is the main reason for building fences around the property. Metal fencing can be a way to keep trespassers away and to secure the parameters of a commercial area. It can be laced with special security equipment for extra security for commercial buildings like hospitals, schools or government offices. Some homeowners also prefer metal sensors for the building for extra security.

Privacy – Homeowners of residential buildings of build fences for the sole reason of privacy. They want to create a barrier between the road and the backyard or them and the neighbour’s yards. One of the few reasons for building a fence in a residential area could be to keep neighbour’s pets away from your lawn. Also, to hang out with your family and friends in the backyard without being pried on.

Beautifying – Another reason for fencing is to increase the property value. Fences are a beautiful enhancement to your property as they come in a wide variety of colours and designs that can look amazing. You can put up creative fences while landscaping your backy or front yard to make good use of the area.

The types of fences we install

Metal Fencing – Commercial buildings who want high security for their property opt for metal fences. Metal fences are the most durable among other types of fences and need a moderate amount of maintenance. Metal fencing also does not reduce the beauty of a property instead increases it.

Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencings are popular fencing for residential homeowners as it has an affordable installation and material. Some DIY fences can be installed by the homeowners themselves. Vinyl fences come in all sorts of designs that range in thickness, shape, height and colour. It gives a wide range option for homeowners to choose from.

Wooden Fencing – Wooden fencing is the most common and popular type of fencing material among homeowners. It is a traditional type of fencing, it looks good has moderate installation charges and is easily accessible.

Chain Links – Chain links are often used to secure a large land or a large property which does not need as much privacy. It needs moderate security and costs low in installation and material. 

The services we provide

Fence Installation

We installed good quality Frances for commercial and residential building all across Sacramento. We use the best quality material that is affordable and durable for your property. Our installations are quick and effective. We have years of experience installing fences and we know what we are doing.

Fence Repair

We provide repair services for all types of fences. If you have damaged, old or rotting fence no matter the type such as wood, metal or there any other type we will repair or replace it accordingly.

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