Fencing Company in Land Park, CA

We at Krexdofencing provide the best quality fence installation and repair for Lake Park area in the neighborhood of Sacramento. We have worked with small and large scale commercial projects in the area. We have serviced many residential houses fixing the fencing and installing new ones. 

Land Park comes under the Sacramento County. Land Park has a population of about 8,312. Some popular places to visit in Land Park are the famous Sacramento Zoo,John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Singer Island, Peanut Island, Phil Foster Park, Ocean Reef Park, Blue Heron Bridge, Munyon Island, Dyer Park, Anchorage Park, Kelsey Park, Winding Waters Natural Area, Lakeside Park, Little Munyon Island, SWA greenway trail system etc. Some famous to eat out are Vic’s Ice Cream, Chada Thai Cuisine, Riverside Clubhouse and many more. 

Every year people are investing on building fences around their property. With the rate of increased crime and the importance of increased sense of privacy has made people understand the importance of fencing.

Fencing Company In Land Park

If you are a homeowner who loves to hangout in the backyard or front yard with friends and family. Hold summer barbecue with old friends at your backyard you wouldn’t want your neighbours to be disturbed. Also you would want to keep yourself out of sight from your neighbour’s yard. Fencing also provides a barrier between the road and your house.

Big commercial buildings, government offices, Hospital, schools and hotels build fences for the sole reason of security. It keeps the trespassers out and secures the surrounding of the commercial buildings. The fences are usually made of metal fences or brick wall fencing.

Some fences are also uniquely designed and creatively put together to increase the beauty of the house. With the increase of Pinterest fences, people are landscaping their backyards. Fences have become a great way to enhance your space into a beautiful looking sitting place.

Types of fences we install

Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing are made up of PVC material which is waterproof, does not rot that easily and can imitate wooden fencing. They are easy to clean and maintain and for an affordable price than installing any other type of fencing. You can get a varied range of designs in vinyl fencing, however, it is not considered the most secure type of fence.

Metal Fencing – Metal fencing are often used for commercial building. Metal fences like rot iron, aluminium are used to equally beautify a property and provides them with the needed security. Metal fences are sometimes enhanced by adding more security features to them.

Wooden Fencing – Wooden fencing are affordable and they look beautiful It. comes with a wide variety of design, it is one of the most common types of fences that are widely available and comparatively easy to install, however, the maintenance can be a little bit tricky for wooden fencing.

Chain Links – Chain links are used in countryside fencing, in open land to mark a boundary. It is a very effective way to keep trespassers away and sometimes it is laced with barbed wires to increase security. 

The Services We Provide

Fence Installation

We install good looking durable fencing for commercial and residential buildings. The material we use are of the highest quality. We are licensed professionals who have years of experience in working with installation of fencing all across Sacramento. No matter the type of fence you need we will effectively install it for you within a given time.

Fence Repair

We also provide services for fence that is old damaged and coming apart. We install rotting wooden fences, disintegrating vinyl fence or rusting and damaged metal fences. We will provide replacement if needed and repair the bad parts if there are any.

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