Causes of Fence Rot and How To Prevent it

One of the main causes of changing your wooden fencing is rotting. 

It can compromise the structure of your fence. A bad fence can become an easy target for trespassers. It fails to provide the same safety, security or privacy as a brand new fence. 

It does not look good. If you need to change your fencing every few months it’s time you bring some basic changes.

Causes of Fence Rot and How To Prevent it

There are a number of reasons why fence rot. We will discuss the ways to prevent it.

  1. Wooden fence usually starts to rot from the bottom due to excessive moisture in the ground.   The moist ground is also the home of Insects such as worms, wood termites, millipedes and fungal growth speeds up the process of rotting. If you live in a comparatively rainy area you should consider a few preventive measures we will discuss later. 
  2. High humidity is also the main cause of rushing in the nails that keep the wooden planks together. Metal fencing tends to rust for the same reason.
  3. Rusting can also happen in dry wood. If there is no rain and fences receive hot sun for months, can make the fencing wood very dry and brittle.  

How to prevent rotting:

  • If you live in a moist and humid region, you can go for something that is not wood. Vinyl, or aluminium fencing is similar in cost but hold up against moisture. You can get vinyl and aluminium fence designs that give the same feel and look as wooden fencing. 
  • Another way to stop the rot from happening to apply a sealant over the wood. Doing this every few months can increase the longevity of your fence. 
  • Rotting spreads from one place to another rapidly, if you find any part of the fence going bad to replace it immediately to stop further rotting.
  • Do you need to replace your damaged fences? Call us now. To discuss options for long-lasting fences contact our expert handymen. 

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