Choosing the right fence for your yard

If you’re trying to fence your yard for whatever reason. It can be safety, privacy or aesthetics you have come to the right place. 

There are several types of fences available in the market. It can become tricky to determine which fence you want to install. A well-fenced yard becomes your house pop out. It can increase the value of your property besides providing safety. 

Innovative fencing idea can make your backyard come alive. Landscaping architects give special attention while choosing the right kind of fence. It’s time you should too. 

The first question you need to ask yourself before buying a fence is what are your requirements. Each requirement will have a different type of fence material and design. 

Choosing the right fence for your yard

Let us discuss the factors that will help you choose the right kind of fence:

1. Privacy

If you have a big backyard, you would want to utilise it to sit and relax, for your kids and pets to play in peace. 

If you are passionate about plants, you can indulge in gardening. You can host weekend barbeques. Or make a cosy place for thanksgiving gathering. You obviously would want your backyard to be out of view from pedestrians, from your neighbours, no matter how friendly they are.

Privacy makes up feel at ease. If privacy is your main factor then getting moderately tall fences with an opaque surface is a good idea. Wooden fences with closely packed planks can do the trick. If you want something more long-lasting you can also go for vinyl fencing brick fencing.

Opaque fences not only gives you privacy they increase the aesthetics of your backyard. 

2. Security

If security is the reason for your fencing then you can consider the metal fencing.

Steel or cast-iron fences are effective in keeping out trespassers. The closely places bars are hard to climb on. They can be made quite tall yet won’t block your view of the outside area. Metalworks can be expensive, for both installation and the material. 

A cheap effective way of security is chain links. Combine chain links with barbed wire on top and it becomes great to keep trespassers out. In the countryside to fence large patches of land chain link can be a cheap and effective way of secure fencing. 

High brick walls with barbed wire on top can keep out both trespassers and animals like deer, hedgehogs and snakes. 

3. Appearance 

 Fencing for appearance can go in many ways. You may need it to be installed around your backyard or front yard. Or you may use it as a prop during landscaping in the backyard. 

Great backyard landscape ideas use fences to beautify the place. Growing crawlers on the wall or putting fancy lights on it can transform the whole backyard into a beautiful hangout place. 

People use fancy fences to separate the pool area or compartmentalize parts of your backyard. 

Classy stone fencing or concrete slab fencing look ruggedly beautiful. 

For cheaper alternatives. wooden fencing horizontal planks or line fencing look great. Simple Picket fencing made of natural wood can also look great for your backyard.

4. Budget fencing

If you want something that provides all the above and is still under your budget then you can try DIY fencing. 

Fences like classic white Picket fencing, square lattice fencing, Bamboo mesh fencing, bamboo stick fencing and palate fencing are all the type of fencing you can do it yourself. 

Buy the material online or from a local hardware store and you start installing the fences yourself. 

You can color it according to your wish. You can become as creative as you want. The material is far cheaper than other types of fences. Since you would be the installation, you save on the installation. 

Once you have determined what you want from your fence, you can determine the design, height, color.  Customise the fence according to you and start installing. 

For further enquiry give us a call. 

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