Common Fencing Terms Home owners should know

Whether you are trying to hire a fencing company or trying to fence your property knowing some fencing term can help you in the fencing process. Knowing important terms can help you in communicating and choosing the right type of fence for your property.

You may already know some of the terms in this list, however, with regard to fencing we will be elaborating the meaning of each term-

Common Fencing Terms Home Owners Should Know

Construction Permits –. Construction permit is not required for all types of fencing such as small scale fencing or repairs. However, big scale fencing such as installing high fences or metal fences specific construction permits from respective States is required. This construction permits are required for other types of constructions as well. Such as building construction or remodeling projects. This permit ensures the safety of the people working, compliance of the zoning codes.

Pressure Treated Timber – While building wooden fencing for your property pressure treated timbers are often used. These timbers are made by forcing chemical preservative in the word in a pressure treatment tank. This treatment makes sure that the wood remains durable for a long time. Treated timber does not get infected by termites for grow moss on it.

Property Line Fencing – Property line is simply the line that divides two properties. It is recommended to fence leaving some space to the property line, as fencing right on top of the property line can raise disputes later on.

Post Location – While installing fence, every post has its own location according to the size of the post. There are two types of post location. One is corner or terminal post, that goes in the corner or end of a line of fence and intermediate force that goes between corner posts.

Crimp – Some fencing tools are pretty straight forward, however, other tools may be a little bit confusing. Crimp is a tool which does not give a lot about what it does from the name. Crimp helps in joining two pieces of metal fencing wires by twisting them together.

PVC Fencing – Most of us are familiar with wooden fencing or metal fencing. PVC fencing is a modern way of fencing. The fence material is made up of PVC which is often made to look like wood. It does not need a lot of effort while installing and also quite budget-friendly than any other type of fence.

Privacy Fencing – Privacy fencing are unlike Picket fencing. They conceal your yard completely from neighbours and passers-by. It is they made of a solid block of wood or any other type of material. They are used as a multi-functional fence. It not only provides privacy but are considered as a decorative element for your house. It increases the price value of your property and make your house look aesthetically pleasing.


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