Q: What is the best time for fencing?

Conditions in Sacramento is good for fencing all through out the year. However if its too cold or hot, its better to avoid doing fencing that time.

Q: Which is better wood fencing or vinyl fencing?

All are good. Depends upon what you’re looking for. Wood fences cost a bit less to begin with however it requires maintenance and has a shorter life-span. We constantly strive to provide you the best material irrespective of your choice.

Q: What is the max height?

You should consult your local building code for details. However its usually 6 feet.

Q: Do you have gates and garage door?

Yes, we provide gates and garage door too. Just call us with your requirement and we will let you know.

Q: What is chain link fabric?

Its a name given to the chain link style. The original idea of chain fencing came from idea of weaving wire in the way thread is woven to make cloth. That is why its named such.


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