Fence Installation Sacramento, CA

Fence Installation can be done by a fence company or by the homeowner. Fences keep your house safe. They are important for privacy when you are hanging out with your kids and wife in the backyard or getting a sun tan in the summer in the front yard. 

If you have swimming in the property, the fence helps to keep the neighbours let and wild animals away from your property.

Fence Installation Sacramento, CA

How professional companies install fences?

1.Fencing professionals select the type and design of Fence after a detailed discussion with the client. They can draw a rough sketch to give an idea of the end result to get approval. If you as a client has any special requirements or requests help us to understand your point. 

Tell us way ahead of time for any changes to be made, once the installation is complete, it would be hard to make changes. 

2. Once the design is finalised, next comes getting permits if needed. Permits for noise and utility knowledge. If can held accountable for damaging any public utility.

Determining utility before digging is another factor. Public utility is underground. It may include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fibre optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes. Determining the location of these utilities is another factor. 

3. We measure the fencing length so we don’t face wastage. We have special equipment for exact measurement. 

4. A small group of workers will come and dig holes to set the fences in place. The holes are filled with concrete to keep the fence straight and strong. 

5. In the end, additional parts are attached, like decoration, painting, gates etc. 

6. Some fences need regular maintenance to keep in good shape.

We also provide a repair service for broken fences at an affordable price. 

DIY fence installation:

1. Take measurements, first, take the measure of much much fencing material will be required. Mark out the places where you will put the posts. Make it evenly spaced. 

2. Dig a hole big enough to get 1/3rd of the pole inside the ground. It keeps the fence from leaning during bad weather or fall from its own weight

3. Put some soil in the hole and lower the pole in each pole. Keep the role steady right in the middle of the dig out. Fill the hole back up with dirt and soil. 

4. Next part is to attach railing for the posts. The railing might be wooden, metal or chain link. 

5. once the railing is set up, paint or varnish the fence if needed. 

6. The last process is putting on new gates. You might need screwdriver and nails, driller to.fix the door. 

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