Things To Do In Sacramento, Ca

The city of Sacramento is situated in the northern part of California, along the Sacramento River. It is California’s Capital and has a population of around 501,334. Sacramento has a total area of 100.11 square miles and is the 6th largest city in California.

Things to do in sacramento, CA

Some fun places you can visit in Sacramento are:

1. Sacramento River Cruise – Cruise along the old Sacramento and hear about the rich history of the place. Take a relaxing time out from your hectic schedule and enjoy the river.

It’s a 1-hour cruise, starts at 12:00 PM. The narration is in English. Boarding starts 30 minutes before departure time.

2. Old Sacramento State Historic Park – This part of the Downtown Sacramento holds the history of the California gold rush. You can get a guided tour along the 296 acres of land with around 50 historic buildings. 

The structures Include Eagle Theatre, Hastings Building, first transcontinental railroad and much more. 

3. Sacramento Zoo – Sacramento Zoo at Land Park Dr is home to 140 different kinds of exotic animals from the local area and around the world. Zoo hours are from 9 am to 4 am. It is the best place to take your kids. 

4. The New At California State Capitol Museum – The museum in downtown Sacramento is a popular destination in Sacramento. The Building was made in the mid 19th century. Guided turn is available for both inside and outside of the Capitol Museum. Timing starts from 8 am to 5 pm. 

Things to see include Tree paths, memorials, a beautiful garden, a rose garden etc. 

5. B Street Theatre – B Street Theatre is one of critics favourite places. It shows some great skits, music and dance performances. The shows are educational, great for both kids and adults. It has been awarded the best live theatre for 14 years by Sacramento news.  

6. Raging Park Sacramento – the Raging park is the best water park in Sacramento. It has 20 water slides, 800 ft. of a lazy river and a big wave pool. You can rent a cabana and hand out with your family. Enjoy a great meal after a tiring day. 

7. Fairytale Town – Fairytale town in Land Park Dr is an amusement park. It is a great place to take your kids to. The place has an amazing sculpture of storybook theme. Your kids can pet animals. Its gardens and cafes to hang out in. 

8. The Dive Bar – The Dive Bar is a popular lounge, works great for a date night or a day out with friends. The main attraction of the place is the large tank overhead right over the bar. Mermaid and merman customed people swim around the tank for a fun visual experience.



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