What Is PVC Material ?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a type of resin. Resin is a synthetic organic compound made of non crystalline or viscous liquid substance. The synthetic resin in PVC is made by polymerization of Vinyl chloride. PVC unlike polythene is a rigid plastic when in its pure form. It can also be turned into flexible plastic when manufactured in a certain way. 

Chemistry Of PVC

The scientific formula of Vinyl chloride is chloro ethylene. Vinyl chloride is polymerized by subjecting it with the highly reactive compound, also known as free radical initiators. This free radical initiator opens up the double bond in Vinyl chloride monomer as a result each Vinyl chloride molecule links with other and hence forms a repeating unit of polymers.

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The history of PVC goes as far as 1872 when a German chemist August Wilhelm Von Hafman prepared the first PVC. But it was in 1912 when another German chemist Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte used sunlight to make PVC from vinyl chloride. It was not until 1926 Waldo Lunsbury Semon in United States made the first plasticised PVC. IN 1930 PVC became popular when union carbide corporation used PVC for phonograph record. 

Physical Properties

Density of PVC is 1.38 gram per centimetre cube. Maximum temperature can be used at 60 °C. 

Additives to PVC for durability

Some additives are added to PVC to stabilize the compound. Heat additives are added to make it durable so it can withstand Daylight and heat during the manufacturing process. Without heat additive, PVC is bound to degrade quickly.

Plasticisers are used to plastic material to make it flexible, resilient and durable.

Some common uses of PVC

Water Pipes – The most common and renowned use of PVC is making water pipes. Old metal pipes and now exiting the market. Metal pipes corrode easily, PVC are more resistant to corrosion and environmental stress. PVC pipes are also resistant to build up inside it, making it more functional.

Wiring And Cable – The common and the oldest use of PVC is for wiring and cables. PVC is non conductor of electricity and heat. It is also water resistant making it a perfect material to coat wires and cables with.

Windows, Siding And Fences – Another common use of PVC is for house construction materials such as window, sliding ann fencing. PVC is quite versatile, durable, insulating and strong. It is a cheap alternative of wood and metal. It is being used extensively in building house accessory.

Healthcare And Household Products – PVC also used to make health care and household products as it is a synthetic material making it non biohazard. It is often used to make IV bags, medical tubing etc. In household items it is often used to make raincoats, boats and shower curtains due to is water resistant ability.

PVC as Fencing material

PVC can work as a great substitute for wooden and metal fencing. It is strong, durable and gives the feel of fencing due to its design. It can be moulded into any type of design you want and any color. More and more people are installing PVC fencing. It is an affordable fencing solution.


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